Kayak ROBfin Beaver singl

Inflatable kayak for 1 paddler. Extremely stable, selfbailing. It is almost impossible to flip this boat. Kayak is designed for easy summer floats, as well as for white water runs. Paddler is fixed by leg support, back rest and straps over the knees. Designed to work long time, be stable and safe. Ideal kayak for rentals or operators. Very durable material provides a long life span of this product.

Kayak is designed as stable boat for less experienced boaters. Inflatable bottom is between the tubes for better stability and fast selfbailing.
Low profile to face the up wind, still good enough to run even big waves. Leg and back supports can be adjusted to get better balance of the kayak. Bottom has big buoyancy and your dry and comfortable seat is garanteed during all float. Good combination of quality and comfort.

Specification and sizes

Length360 cm
Width100 cm
Weight12 kg
Total capacity150 kg
Recomended for crew with total weight of40–140 kg (90 – 310 lbs)

Color variants