ROBfin Boat Repair Guide

Our boats are durable, but in case of need, you can also repair them fast and easily:

  • You can repair such damages as pin holes, smaller tears (up to the size of patches)
  • Damages as ruptures across the seams, floor complex damages etc. is better to send to manufacturer.

Here is how to repair your boat:

  • dry the damaged area and surroundings
  • use the aceton solvent to clean the surface
  • put a thin layer of the glue, 1 cm over the edge of the patch on both patch
    and the boat and let it dry for 15 min at 20°C. Keep away of moisture
  • press strongly patch on all the surface and push the air in between the patch and boat out using roller or other proper tool
  • in emergency it can be used straight after the application, otherwise it is better to wait 12 hours before you use the boat again

Warranty and after-warranty repair are recomended to be sent to producer or authorised service.

How to repair a ROBfin boat