….. is the one for me ?


Lets specify the use of your boat:

– easy water canoeing

Canoe Yukon would be the best choice, if you plan to take family, look at the Yukon X3 version.

– white water play on canoe

Canoe America for two or Yukon C1 for single paddlers.

– expeditions and multiday trips on canoes

Canoe Yukon or Canoe Yukon 4,35 for multiday trips where the weight of the boat matters or Canoe Yukon X3 for bigger load or for hunting trips.



– hobby floats on easy rivers

Denali Hobit 400 for easy runs or family rafting. Hobit 500 for schools or trips with more people on easy water.

– big water or technical runs 

Denali Hobit rafts for small creeks, Denali Profi rafts for big water, where the stability and selfbailing is important factor of the run.

– commercial rafting

Denali Profi – extra heavy duty boats for commercial rafting or rentals

– multiday trips and expeditions

Denali Profi 450 – boat that gets you there and back home again.